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Sealed glass units throughout Bristol and Bath and all surrounding areas

At Ashton Glass Ltd, we provide a wide range of sealed glass units for a variety of applications. We offer A, B and C Rated units to cover all frame manufacturers' requirements.


Since we own our own glass toughening plant, our toughened glazing has fast turnaround times. We always keep up with the latest technology, so we can offer the highest quality products at great prices.


Our whole product range has increased dramatically with softcoat low energy efficient types of glass, Argon gas, warm edge spacers, anti-sun and self cleaning glass which is all made to suit your requirements.

The brands we use:

CMS accreditation

We are CMS accredited, which means that our products are fully compliant with the latest European standards and legislation.

  • Sealed glass units created to your requirements

  • Wide range of sealed glass products available

  • High quality craftsmanship

  • Double and triple glazing available

  • A, B and C Rated units available

  • Fast turnaround times

  • CMS accredited - compliant with all the latest European standards and legislation

  • Competitive prices

What you can expect

  • Pilkington Glass Optiwhite K

  • Glassolutions Planitherm Total+

  • SGG Diamant (low iron clear glass)

To order our high quality sealed glass units made exactly to your specifications, call

0117 963 1355

A small uPVC conservatory